Frequently Asked Questions

  • How long will it take for my magazine to arrive?

This depends on the shipping option that you purchase. We have standard shipping and priority shipping options available. Please order your magazine(s) ahead of time if you need them for an event. The shipment time is an ESTIMATION. It could possibly take less time or a little more time to be delivered by the USPS. You will be able to see the cost of each option once you reach the checkout screen.


  • Do you sell monthly/weekly magazines?

No, Lindy's Sports is a annual magazine (issues only come out once a year).


  • When will the magazine I purchased be shipped?

Magazines that are IN STOCK usually ship in 1-2 business days.
Magazines that are NOT IN STOCK but are available for PRE-ORDER will be shipped according to the date on the product page. Please be aware of any holidays when placing your order as Lindy's Sports is not open on major holidays.


  • Do you ship to prisons?

Yes, we do ship to prisons. Please remember to add the inmate's first name, last name AND ID number to the shipping information (you can place the ID number on the same line as their last name). If you do not add their ID number, this can cause a shipping delay. Also, please make sure to double check the correct shipping address as the package will be returned to us if the correct inmate address is not on the package.

SIDE NOTE: If the person incarcerated needs an official order form from us in order to purchase magazines, please give us a call and request us to mail them one.


  • It's been over 10 business days and I haven't received my magazine. What should I do?

If you haven't received your magazine you ordered, please give us a call at 205-871-1182 (8AM - 5PM Mon-Fri.) and we will be more than happy to assist you.


  • The magazine cover I want says it is out of stock. How can I get a copy with that cover?

If the magazine cover you want says "Out of Stock", unfortunately that usually means it is too late to order that cover. Lindy's only prints a certain amount of each cover so when they are gone, they are gone. This is why we allow pre-orders so you will be guaranteed to get the cover you want.


  • Why is my tracking number saying "Label created, not yet in system"?

This means your order was printed and filled, but not yet scanned in by the post office. Please allow up to 48 hours for this to change. If it does not change after 48 hours, please give us a call at 205-871-1182 (8 AM - 5PM Mon-Fri.).


  •  My order doesn't have a tracking number!

If your shipping confirmation email did not have a tracking number (or it says tracking not available), that means the shipping option you purchased does not have tracking available via the USPS. (we offer this option for those who would prefer the lowest shipping cost.)


  • I received a different cover than what I ordered!

If a cover has sold out, we will try to get in contact with you to see if you would accept a different cover or a refund. If all methods of contact fail, we will send a replacement that possibly has a different cover.


  • I want free shipping back!

In 2020 Lindy's offered free shipping through a USPS shipping method. Since the newsstand is not as reliable as it once was, we wanted to help our customers and only ask them to pay cover price for our magazine. However, due to the amount of lost, stolen, damaged and delayed packages, Lindy's Sports has decided not to continue shipping the magazines with that particular option. In order to have the magazines to our customers in the fastest/safest way, going into 2021 there is now a shipping cost. Everyone who places an order will have a tracking number in order to locate their packages at any time.


  • Do you accept checks/cash/money orders?

Yes, please mail all checks/cash/money orders to:

Lindy's Sports

2100 Centennial Drive, Ste. 100

Birmingham, AL 35216


  • I have a question/comment for Lindy's!

Please send any questions/comments to

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